How to spend 3 days in Salerno

Salerno is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the South of Italy, probably not widely known for its attractions.

So if you are planning a trip to Salerno and you are wondering about places to visit in 3 days, you must know that there are a lot of fascinating attractions to include in your itinerary.

Near the various motorways, Salerno is really easy to reach even for those who decide to stay a few kilometers away, surrounded by the green hills and away from the chaos of the city.

Vignadonica Resort, for example, for its strategic position, is perfect for the needs just described. Just 15 minutes away from the centre of Salerno, it offers all the comforts of an elegant and peaceful location.

Even the cruise passengers who come from the most distant places of the world are showing their appreciation for this fantastic city, thanks to the recent construction of the Maritime Station where many cruise ships dock during the whole year.

A few steps away from the maritime city of Amalfi, in the past, Salerno was considered an important commercial port, even though in a minor position compared to the nearby port of Naples.

Probably Salerno has Etruscan origins, it is known for having hosted the First Badoglio Government during the Second World War and, during the Middle Ages, for having founded the most important medical institution: the Salerno Medical School (ancestor of the current medical universities).

The lessons were given by men and women in the halls of Castello Arechi and in the near places, lke “Giardini della Minerva”, in which numerous medicinal plants were cultivated and studied, useful for the realization of medicines.


The places of greatest interest, which still attract tourists, are the same ones that in the past, that have surely contributed to create one of the most important cities in the south of Italy.

Things to do and places to visit in Salerno in 3 days.


Castello Arechi


With the intention of moving the Lombard duchy from Benevento to Salerno, Prince Arechi II built the castle as a defensive fortress on Mount Bonadies, on a pre-existing building of the Byzantine period by strengthening the external walls.

Later , with the Normans and Aragonese, the manor was looted and abandoned, the castle remained basically the same.

Today it is a very popular location for ceremonies, weddings and meetings. Castello Arechi hosts a museum of coins, ceramics and weapons.

You definetely can’t miss the breathtaking view over the Gulf, the Amalfi Coast and the wonderful city of Salerno.


Medieval aqueduct


Below the Bonadies mountain, in the historical center, stands the medieval aqueduct, very famous for its arches and for the “bridges of the devils”. There are many legends and surreal stories, that say that the aqueduct was actually built to supply water to the monastery of St. Benedict.


Provincial Art Gallery


Built in 1600 and modified over time, the Pinacoteca offers an exhibition of works classified according to the period and to the artists.


Cathedral of Santa Maria degli Angeli, San Matteo and San Gregorio VII


Not far from the Pinacoteca, it is possible to visit the majestic Romanesque Cathedral of the 11th century, with the the courtyard, surrounded by a covered walkway. On the southern side you can find the bell tower with 8 bells. In the Treasure Chapel, you can admire the crypt and the remains of St. Matteo, patron saint of the city.


Gardens of Minerva


The Minerva Gardens was created by the famous Medical School. It is the first botanical garden in Europe, where plants were used to treat deseases.


San Pietro a Corte Archaeological site


Testimony of past era and all the influences suffered by the city, the San Pietro a Corte complex houses inside the remains of the Roman Baths, an early Christian cemetery, a 12th century oratory, some areas (or courtrooms) used from the Salerno Medical School for giving medical lessons and various works of art.


Santa Sofia Monumental Complex


Today events location, exhibitions and events, the Monumental Complex of Santa Sofia was built in the 10th century as the first Benedictine monastery dedicated to Saint Sophia.


Promenade and Villa Comunale


The seafront Trieste in Salerno is a walk about 2 km long, which starts from the port and ends near the Villa Comunale. The latter is location of numerous events that take place during the year. The most famous in recent times is connected to the Luci d´artista (a must see), that is the complex of illuminations that is placed in the Villa and in different points of the city during the entire period of the Christmas holidays.

Another very important event, connected to a much more long tradition, it is the

Minerva exhibition, which concerns to show rare plants and seminars on their properties and, more generally, on topics pertaining to the medical field.


Old Town


The historic center is the site of these numerous tourist attractions and numerous typical shops and restaurants.


Salerno Maritime Station on the Manfredi Dock

Inaugurated in 2016, Maritime Station is the place where cruise ships dock on the commercial port of Salerno and from which numerous tourists begin visit the city.


 Amalfi Coast


In addition to the beauties of Salerno, if you have some time, do not miss the splendor of a visit to the Amalfi Coast!

The uniqueness of this jagged gulf and the wonderful historical monuments make the whole area known. A special mention deserve: Amalfi, Ravello, Vietri, Positano and many other wonderful places.



Cilento and archaeological sites


Salerno province is very extensive and also includes the Cilento National Park and the Cilento Coast, rich in naturalistic territories and important historical routes.


Cilento National Park has been a World Heritage Site since 1998 and welcomes, in addition to naturalistic riches, also the archaeological sites of Paestum, Velia and the Padula Charterhouse.


Cilento Coast is a wonderful naturalistic view that, year after year, obtains new blue flags for its beaches so loved by bathers.


Certainly it is a partial and not exhaustive list compared to the many beauties that this city offers, but the listed destinations are without a doubt essential for those who have only 3 days to dedicate visit of Salerno.